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Titan Law Chambers

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Titan Law Chambers is the home of the legal firm known as G N Mlotshwa & Company; and it is from that home that we have set out on a journey to establish our brand of law, known as ‘Titan Law’.

In mythology, the titans ruled the universe as a group of powerful deities, held in high regard and respected as the givers of human law; the deciders of fate.

Similarly, we seek in all that we do, to excel and rise above the ordinary in executing our clients' mandates. Nothing else matters.

The owl is our symbol.

In some cultures, the owl doesn’t even have a name. In Cameroon for example, it is simply referred to as ‘the bird that makes you afraid’. However, in many other cultures it is a symbol of good fortune.

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Corporate Law Real Estate
Business Law Criminal Law
Private Law Dispute Resolution

Titan Law Chambers

Legal Practitioners
Corporate & Financial Advisory Services
Estate Administrators & Executors
Notaries & Conveyancers

8th Floor, Gold Bridge, Eastgate
Sam Nujoma Street
P.O. Box CY 1497 Causeway
Harare, Zimbabwe

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