Like all natures forms, we are shaped by our environment, adapting and changing in response to its demands. However, there are certain relative constants; and we consider that it is appropriate, at this stage, to understand a bit about our environment in order that we are best placed in a context, and background, that affords you the chance to appreciate the nature of our services, and how we may be able to assist with your particular requirements.  
In the first instance, Zimbabwe is not a jurisdiction dominated by multi-jurisdictional mega law firms housing hundreds of lawyers. The country’s largest practices have fewer than twelve partners each, at the time of writing, and not more than twenty lawyers in total. Over ninety percent of the law firms in Zimbabwe are run by sole practitioners or partnerships, in many instances not exceeding more than two lawyers in total. 
It is often said that Zimbabwe is too small a country for firms to specialize exclusively on a particular branch of the law such as intellectual property or corporate law. Most practices offer general legal services ranging from commercial law to property to criminal and labour law. However, within many of these practices, there are lawyers possessing considerable expertise or experience in a particular area of law. 
In an era driven by information and technology, the veneer of professional obscurity under which many firms operated no longer exists: Clients have become more discerning and insistent on finding the right individual lawyer, not law firm, to handle their particular issues. 
And in a country like Zimbabwe, the emerging sentiment is that it is not the size or age of the firm that matters, but whether a particular lawyer within that practice possesses the necessary skill or experience, or in many instances, courage, to successfully execute a particular mandate, notwithstanding its size or complexity or sensitivity.
We believe that it is only those firms which remain flexible and open to change, in a rapidly evolving Zimbabwe, that will survive and continue to be best positioned to meet the ever increasing and sophisticated nature of client needs and demands in a manner and environment they can readily relate to.