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Banking, Finance and Investment

Practice areas:

  • Project Finance

  • Infrastructure Finance

  • Debt Restructures

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS)

  • Exchange Control 

  • Foreign Investors

  • Banking Facilities

  • Securitisation 

  • Financial Technology (Fintech)

  • Blocked Funds/ Legacy Debt

  • Debt Collection 

  • Private Equity Investments 

  • Special Purpose Acquisition Companies 

  • Securities Exchanges and Instruments 

  • Collective Investment Schemes

As a firm with global appreciation, we work on difficult, demanding and innovative deals by providing the highest quality of service to various types of clients. Our clientele spans from leading local and international corporates to state-owned entities, as well as regulatory bodies. We advise banking institutions, investment managers, insurance companies, pension funds, securities exchanges and asset management firms. Our work in this area includes specialist advice on structured products, various security instruments as well as syndicated loans and related securities.

Our work in financing has secured sound foreign investments in the areas of  project finance and infrastructure finance. We also assist with business linkages for private equity investors, litigating and defending cases where financing transactions have been terminated prematurely and, dispute resolution where a client has been affected by currency reforms in the country.


In terms of regulation, we advise clients on the regulatory framework in the financial services sector, and assist them to engage regulators when this becomes necessary. In the Zimbabwean market, we have helped numerous clients in their applications for Exchange Control approval for the repatriation of investment funds and, have provided legal advice on blocked funds as well as legacy debts. 


Over the last decade, financial technology in Zimbabwe has grown exponentially leading to a precipitous increase in financial inclusion. As a firm, we have taken a keen interest in this area and provide services including advising on consumer protection, data privacy and protection, as well as cyber security.

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